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Hiring is difficult and so critical for a startup. If you had applied for job at Textualize would you consider this reasonable?

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Use TypeScript barrel files in @nextjs@twitter.com?

Reduce your bundle size with this one weird trick 💸

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herr scholz, in den usa existiert die vorstellung, wir seien von russischem gas abhängig. stimmt das?

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Healthy engineering teams, unhealthy engineering teams. Some thoughts:

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4. Donors to anti-abortion committees since '16

@CocaCola@twitter.com ($2.6M)
@GM@twitter.com (2.4M)
@comcast@twitter.com (1.9M)
@ATT@twitter.com (1.4M)
@CVSHealth@twitter.com (1.4M)
@Walmart@twitter.com (1.1M)
@amazon@twitter.com (974K)
@Verizon@twitter.com (901K)
@Citibank@twitter.com (685K)
@Google@twitter.com (526K)
@Walgreens@twitter.com (496K)
@WellsFargo@twitter.com (472K)
@TMobile@twitter.com (343K)

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Another lukewarm take: Are code challenges perhaps primarily a means of weakening candidates' self-confidence so that they stack the deck a little lower in salary negotiations?

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I updated my LinkedIn profile

Hopefully recruiters leave me alone now

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GitHub's markdown now supports "Note" and "Warning" blockquote annotations! Pretty neat! 👏

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