Not everyone uses for the same purpose - and first of all: That's okay! Anyway I am interested how YOU use it.

@berylux Basically for everything except for gaming and some stupid assignments from university (they force us to use stuff like .NET with VS)

@404zzz @berylux i play only games what suported on linux. Steam did very good job with Proton engine. Around 40% AAA games now have direct linux support.

@petrlozhkin @berylux aha that's good.
But mostly I play old games, my current computer is not powerful enough to handle new games.

@berylux I guess I use it for everything :) I even ditched my imac and started using #darktable

I use Linux for everything. Servers, home PC, work laptop.

We got a new admin at work recently, who asked me, whether I had a MacOS or a windows device.
I guess meeting the only person with linux on the work laptop must have been a surprise. :ablobhologram:

@berylux I went through extra effort to use linux at work.

We have this complex work VPN that only works on the company Mac. So I have to make my own VPN to tunnel to my Mac from my Linux XD. Its so stupid, but it works.

@berylux I use it for almost everything 🙂
PC, laptop, servers, at work and at home, even have a small server home lab so I can tinker with stuff at home 😁

@berylux @selea

This was better to be checkboxes rather than radio buttons. I use Linux for personal use, work, and for education

@selea @berylux

Well, it has a / instead if & so 3rd doesn't fully cover my condition 😉 but thanks for making me to read it again, I've missed the "and" in the 3rd option before

@berylux can I choose both? I work on Linux and play in Linux - wouldn't have it any other way!

@berylux I don't personally know how to interact with the kernel by itself, but I do solely use GNU+Linux

@berylux for gaming and personal projects, so basically everything at home.

hopefully some day at work too

because its free software and it suits me

@berylux we also use it to support new immigrants to help them settle in their new environment by providing them with a free linux computer for their family.
We have tech recycling events where we collect old, slow, used computers and repurpose them with Linux. These devices are made faster than new (many are) with Linux, and are then donated to local families in need.
We use a Xubuntu server to deploy tailored images quickly (in about 45 sec) to multiple devices synchronously👍

@berylux kinda just use manjaro and fedora here for random stuff here.

@berylux UNIX (SCO 🙄 and Solaris 🌞) since 1997 for work, Linux since the fall of 2002 (Suse was the first (I bought it on CD in a computer shop 😉), but I tried since than many distros). Never looked back. :tux:


Most people I know would miss multiple options to be honest. Often they mix personal and work/education. I did that in the past too. For me:

Daily usage for e-mail and internet
Social Media

@hans I'm sorry for that, it was my first poll. @olamundo already explained to me how to do better next time :)

@berylux Enjoy making them, it's not a real problem :-)

@berylux I use GNU/Linux at home: personal desktop, laptop and home theater pc, I use it for programming, entertainment and in almost all the activities for the school (online university).
In work they force all to use windows but the servers they use run linux, ironically 🤣

@berylux I’m not a huge fan for my normal work because I depend on some platform dependent workflows, but for tinkering? Absolutely

@berylux I need multiple choice, both for personal and work-related purposes 😅.

@berylux I use it in my personal computers and made the wife use it in hers, which she uses for work :) she's a happy user, btw

@berylux I used Xenix in the 80s if that counts. Otherwise I use it for slagging off Windows, which is what I have to use for work (programming) and since I work from home, I also use it at home... 😞


All of those things. Been running it as my daily driver for 25 years.

@berylux for me is the first 3, the company I work for the software is made and run on Linux servers and I'm a Linux enjoyer

@berylux I use it because it's fun and a learning experience. Also because it's a great skill to have

@berylux One answer option is missing: I don't use it and I don't want to learn anything about it. :blobfoxlaugh:


For everything except vr & a few games that have pooppy anticheat/drm

@berylux been using it since Slackware floppy disk days… everything else feels so restrictive

@berylux all 3. my laptop battery needs replacing now though. so now am on windowsmat work.

@berylux everything i have to do for "education" is via a browser. so i just have ungoogled chromium for my "education" stuff and thats about it lol

@berylux I don't use linux on my desktop at home, but I have a raspberry pi running AdGuardHome, a DNS adblocker.

@berylux I try to use it. But have a lot of problem with Bluetooth ans wifi dongle , as beside that gaming was not good enough, that get back to windows.

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