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And the winner is… Ukraine!

Congratulations to the Kalush Orchestra for their emotive winning song ‘Stefania’, which captured the hearts of Europeans tonight.

Europe stands with you tonight and always.

#Eurovision #StandWithUkraine

Maybe I just have a complete different taste in music than Europe,lol.... it's okay.... I can move 😅

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Back home from 4 days on fair. My voice is hoarsely, I don't feel my legs or feet anymore, lol...

No this week feels so wrong when on ^^ My company will attend as an exhibitor on a fair and I have to take part. In the evenings our team will have dinner in a restaurant - I checked, they offer no pizza, lol. At least I can count on you all for the content =)

I really enjoyed Twitter in the early years before it turned into a platform for self-staging people. Didn't use it anymore, didn't look back for years and didn't care lately who will buy it. Somehow feels like a bad joke that exactly these people burst in here now with their followers, doing exactly the same like before. 😔 I know I can mute... I just didn't expect I have to do so many times a day. Sigh.

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Does anyone know of a VPS-provider that is not blocked by Microsoft, Gmail and similar?

Vultr is hard blocked, and so is DigitalOcean.

Well, if you are working for a provider, and/or is owning one - feel free to pitch them to me :)

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Good morning! I think I successfully uploaded my first video to @tilvids!

Just a simple port of my #QEMU/#KVM video from #YouTube to #Peertube. If you're a fan of #Linux content, you might enjoy!

For some strange reason a customer asked me if I am >Heidi< from , lol. I denied. Make sure to never give such information to your colleagues at work. Else you'll end up with a new profile pic and nickname, but definitively with a new ringtone. ^^

Not everyone uses for the same purpose - and first of all: That's okay! Anyway I am interested how YOU use it.

Still trying to find out what causes the exact delay of 4 mins in between web and app. 😮‍💨

Maybe I am too much a computer person... but it never ceases to amaze me how often our customers "accidentally" hit a button and then need support. I somehow enjoy their attempts to explain. My personal top 3:

1) The button was suddenly there
2) [Anybody else] did it
3) The installation/update started on it's own

This morning I had "Maybe some hackers got into my computer and did it." Who haven't heard of them...that kind of hackers that upgrade Windows systems at night.

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Thanks to two very generours donors - we have been able to prepay the hosting costs for this instance for the coming three month!

I receive all toots/replies with a delay of exact 4 mins on . Bug? Feature? :-)

Acting like an simultaneous interpreter in the meeting between my boss and the developer team. Maybe I should add "human compiler" to my job description...

Still exploring here, but so far I am impressed. At first I thought the single instances would be a problem - but getting exactly what you like and want to read is sooo pleasant, folks.

Which Mastodon client for Android can you recommend?


A instance dedicated - but not limited - to people with an interest in the GNU+Linux ecosystem and/or general tech. Sysadmins to enthusiasts, creators to movielovers - Welcome!