Any bets on How much in trouble would I get if I returned all my computers when I quit my job, and I changed the OS to Ubuntu on all of them :) - For context our mandatory OS is Windows 11.

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@selea Jag har sett till att inte admin kan komma åt dem, så jag har fulla rättigheterna moahahaha. Vad ska de göra, sparka mig hahahaha.

i have to question their sanity for running windows still but ya they should be wiping them anyways.

@logan @jautero They are always wiped, but it is a big no-go zone to change the OS. Microsoft is procured, which means it has the exclusivity in our organisation.
oh, the lengths companies will go to torture themselves needlessly.

there was already a change in OS, whether they want to acknowledge it or not is completely different story though.
🤷‍♂️ #🤔

@augmentedrobot a responsible employer IT policy would involve wiping and restoring a device to the company's base requirements upon a user leaving the organisation, so I'd say you /(w|sh)/ouldn't be in much trouble at all

that said, I do punish users in my organisation that decide to use Ubuntu sooo... :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@augmentedrobot make sure you do the disk encryption while installating the GNU/Linux operating systems

@augmentedrobot goshh! windows? that’s the most unbearable OS I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve promised myself not to touch it unless it’s mandatory(active directory, DirectX-gaming-) I’d pay more,do more workarounds other than being forced to use a bloated OS.

@augmentedrobot Don't forget to install a windows theme and wine to avoid trouble :linuxpizza1:

I feel lucky that when I received computer and I could install there anything. That feeling when installing Linux I was also purging windoze from it, was a notable job benefit.

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