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Latha math dhut! I'm Ruaraidh, from the Gàidhaeltachd 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.

I have Gàidhlig (though not fluent, yet). I can understand even less Gaeilge. Though will mainly chat in Scottish-English.

Many interests, currently they are;
Gàidhealtachd culture, history and language.
Motorsport and the natural world encompass other joy.
Destiny 2 is currently my jam on the xbox.
Attempting to remove relying on big-tech too.

Please do follow if you wish

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I'm currently working on using the @PINE64 #PineTime's 4MB external flash memory to free up space in the internal memory (512KB).

I've made a lot of progress recently and am now able to test new watchfaces that load their images and fonts from the SPI flash!

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That's #Scotland. Wow, that was nice! A man just turned his van round to ask me if I was ok. I'm sitting in front of the closed village shop, happily (as I thought) typing away, but probably my face looked exhausted. I hate typing on my phone.

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Future powertrain idea for ;-

Petrol engine powering an electric motor.

No traditional gearbox.

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Android, Fairphone repair, help request 

Big win today; repaired my #Fairphone3 with a new bottom module.

At the same time upgraded the camera moduels to the ones in 3+

However, my front camera (top module) is only 4mp and not 16 as advertised 🤔
Most confusing.
A look on the forum shows this unresolved problem (
Thoughts? I can only imagine it's because I run a 3rd-party OS.

p.s. I don't mean the 48mp sensor, it's grand 😁

Committing heresy by installing systemd in :devuan: Devuan

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F1 - Porpoising (micro-spoiler) 

So the teams still haven't got on-top of the porpoising this year.
Hamilton's back destroyed at Baku and seemingly more drivers announcing that "something" needs to happen.

I wonder if something like the Renault mass-damper of 2006 could return but specifically for porpoising.

I know people want active-suspension buuut imagine the cost-cap implicatios on that alone.

I can't see a minimum ride-height being implemented, that'd be rubbish.

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F1 Championship Prediction 

Le Clerc will not be F1 champion this year.

Missed Quali, so now awaiting the torrents to watch after dinnertime 😋

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En attendant patiemment la nouvelle version, si on faisait mumuse avec un firmware de test qui contient un affichage style Casio G7710 ? 😁

Lien vers le micrologiciel en question :

#InfiniTime #PineTime

TIL about this wee program for and Linux.

The site is...odd but navigable

edited for better link, gitea over website


That Jos Verstappen doesn't half talk pish

F1, Ted's Notebook 


Ted roams around a PACKED Monaco paddock! | Ted's Monaco Quali Notebook

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