For most people the is the most used tech item. For many is the only way to connect to the .
Saying that, would you justify to spent a months worth of YOUR salary for a ?

@apathetic_bystander i dont mind paying well if its a phone that i can actually own, something like pinephone

i usually use my devices until they break so paying well upfront usually means a long lasting device.. Usually.

@apathetic_bystander Interesting how your poll doesn't allow selecting not getting a tracking device at all.

I could justify it for the right phone but many phones are privacy and security nightmares. A Pinephone is cheap and worth it to me. A Librem 5 is expensive but worth it to me.

Cheap phones do not exist.
Every smartphone is way too expensive.
A couple years ago I broke my last phone and had to quickly change it, I've got a Redmi for 160€
That was the cheapest phone available and it's way too much

Now, this is a good phone: great camera, nice processor, large screen and so on
I don't need all that stuff, I just need a phone to access the internet and receive emails.

If you were to downgrade the camera and processor this phone would be cheaper

I want cheaper, low end smartphones

@apathetic_bystander well, it would depend on what's your salary and what's your expected use for the phone.

Disclaimer: I worked creating games and apps so I needed many phones.

For my personal use, in 2014 I moved away from using an iPhone 6 (from the company) to the cheapest Android 4 I could find on Aliexpress. Worked surprisingly well for a few years.

Then I tried the experiment again in 2020 and it was impossible.

@apathetic_bystander I couldn't navigate well with my car, it was too small, screen hard to read, couldn't listen to music or podcasts easily.

I ran away and looked for a Huawei with Android 9 for 350 USD (before the scandal, was 2019 then?) and I'm happy as a user. I've had that phone since and it just works fine, but the camera is horrible.
Now I'm also using a Pixel 5 with Android 12 (for work) and I couldn't say it's worth the cost. It does the same stuff but takes great pictures. 🤷‍♂️

@apathetic_bystander so spending a month of salary for a device you are going to use 12+ hours a day for 3+ years is perhaps a good decision. Allows you to work, you have entertainment, maybe education too.

In my not so rich country I could say every person has a cheap phone, sadly used mostly for Meta products (FB, IG, WA) since companies gives unlimited access for about 7 USD/month, but that's another conversation.

If it can lasts me many years to come, then yes. Speaking of which, I have a Redmi 4a from 2017 that I've flashed custom ROM on. It surprisingly usable, aside from degrading battery (still lasts for three quarters of a day, so I keep using it)

@apathetic_bystander For me it depends.
I'm fine with paying a *bit* more for a phone that I know will last for a while and/or can be repaired easily.

Also, I don't care about all kinds of gimmicks like faceid or 1337666 cameras...
All I do on it is read stuff, text and play Azur Lane.

@apathetic_bystander of course, "cheap" is a range. I'm on a midranger that I wouldn't call cheap, but it's certainly not near flagship idiocy in terms of prices.

@apathetic_bystander All the phones i have bought myself have been around $200-$300 USD used flagships that are about 2-3 years old. I don't know how some countries used markets are, but at least in the US I find buying used smarter most of the time

@apathetic_bystander I exclusively buy used phones. They are definitely more than good enough and cheap. I spend around 250 euros on my phone when I change it and that is when the previous one dies or goes unmaintained completely software-wise

@apathetic_bystander My phone isn't my most used device, however I want something solid and stable. My iPhone XR has been exactly that for going on 4 years and is still being updated, unlike most Android phones. Say what you will, but Apple does good things with their phones.

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