I just did en mistake. Without getting in many details, I used to make a bootable usb but I dd in hard drive that I REALLY shouldn't. I realized it immediately and stopped it but the damage already happened. Before trying any random solutions that I find online and possible make things worst is there any TESTED solutions?
Any is really appreciated.

@apathetic_bystander Wow! I did exactly the same things a couple of years ago! That's how I found out about TestDisk:

with which I recovered practically all my data. Don't know if this is the best way, but that's what I did with great success!

@reto i've been doing some changes lately and THIS was my back up 😭

@apathetic_bystander Try testdisk if you are on GNU/Linux. That tool has saved my files many times. It can often even restore whole partitions.

You are probably out of luck if you did it to an SSD though.

Testdisk says it can't recover anything. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I don't know. Photorec(its from the same dev and its bundled with testdisk) is running for an hour and it seems that it can save some pictures.

@apathetic_bystander Photorec does not save names, but it can do the job.

Testdisk is often just magical, so seems like you are out of luck, maybe someone else knows another tool.

@apathetic_bystander I am in the same situation with a hard disk though the circumstances of how it got to that point are different. Basically, if we've written over the partition tables ( and their backups ), then that data is essentially gone as a file system.

I too was able to recover some files with no metadata ( filename, directory structure ) but with content with #PhotoRec, but its not of much use.

I haven't touched that hard disk since hoping a magical fairy will appear some day.


@shine @apathetic_bystander I think that you can write over the partition table if it is a HDD.

Testdisk really has done miricales in the past for me. Let it do a full deep scan, it can take long though.

Sure I have lost some stuff too before, but only on SSD's, if it is the first time, see it as a lesson. Take backups.

I know how much such stuff sucks, but sadly all that I can say now is good luck.

@RMW it didn't for me. I spent almost a month crying and trying to recover that data.

Fortunately, I had an extra SSD that I had on hand that I had been meaning to switch to. I also had a brand new 2TB external HDD that I imaged the actual disk to perform my experiment. Not everyone will have such luxury though.

And this was before I had configured #GitAnnex for my entire `$HOME`.

Life has taught me a lot of lessons the hard way.


Maybe someone who knows more than me can offer a different answer, but in I'm pretty sure it's 'restore from backup' time.

#dd is pretty unforgiving

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