Mwahahaa! I feel so clean after installing and systematically purging my system of that abomination known as hooaaahh!!

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@mgrondin I can't speak for @anonymouscoward but I have grievances with . For one thing I think it's a bit bloated; I have no idea why software would ever come in a suite if I just need one or two of the programs in it.

LibreOffice also botched up my package manager by refusing to install a dependency and leaving me with a bunch of packages I could neither use nor remove, so I have a bit of a grudge for that reason.

@swashberry Fair point.

Altho for your dependancy issue i would blame the distro/package manager.

I think it's great that it comes as the whole package since most people that would install it use at least Writer(Word) and Calc(Excel).

If all you want/need is a word processor then i agree that there are great single app solutions.


@mgrondin Yes, I have some issues with Ubuntu and one of them is they way they handle their package manager, so it's definitely not *just* LibreOffice's fault, but I feel like it wouldn't have been an issue if the software hadn't required a million packages to work.

I did ask some people and they were clueless about my issue. The only explanation they could think of was a bad sector in the hard drive, and that was a total out-of-nowhere guess.

@mgrondin Most the details are lost to "history" but there are many, many times I at least recall struggling to do basic things, or get this-or-that to work. But the final straw was a few days ago where the File > Edit etc menu was missing, and I found no option anywhere to get it back nor any websearching that told me how to get it back (in fact most of them said along the times to click "Tools > etc" when that was the very menu I couldn't find. I went all straw that broke the came's back mode!

@anonymouscoward Are you talking about the menus from 1 looking like 2?

If so it can be swapped back and forth.

@anonymouscoward Maybe you are not interested in addressing this and really just want to ditch libreoffice. if so let me know and I'll drop it.

Just i love it have had very little issues with it. Somethings that excel/word does it does not do but i can live with that

@mgrondin It's more like that menu was completely missing. But I've already nuked LibreOffice so it's moot now. Thanks for the help!

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