A favorite place. 🌲💚 Wonderful bog, wonderful nature. Some favorites at this place are the carnivorous plants and the little lizards. 🦎

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A few days ago I finished the foundations course! It took me several weeks since I started after @annasara mentioned the existence of it, with multiple breaks (move, covid infection and such nonsense). It was very often quite hard since those lessons where basically the first congruent experience in coding and learning a programming language for me but it very much solidified my resolve to make a career switch to something making me incredibly happy!

@jc On the sites we do at work we use the built-in search function ( doing the code and styling ourselves) together with Relevanssi for indexing etc. 🙂

@rghvdberg Guessing that debugging and googling is the same thing really 😁

@jworthe Testable code and writing automated tests sounds like the way to go 🙂

@finlaydag33k Haha, I'm a junior so maybe I'm one of those developers 😅

At least, I learn a lot from debugging my and other people's code.😁

Now I know for myself, job as a developer is mostly debugging 🙃

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Yesterday - had a problem with some load balancer at work, could not solve the problem, but I decided it could wait.

Today - Woke up and knew the solution, fixed within 30 seconds.

Sleep is powerful

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Three days after I took some cuttings, it is already full of new growth.
Thought it would take atleast a week,


I have been dealing with the same java script problem since early morning. Solved it just now before lunch. Good feeling, now it will be a good lunch 👍

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