Now I know for myself, job as a developer is mostly debugging 🙃

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@annasara Depends.
Development for me is mostly having to deal with the incompetence of other developers :^)

(not to say you aren't competent)

@finlaydag33k Haha, I'm a junior so maybe I'm one of those developers 😅

At least, I learn a lot from debugging my and other people's code.😁

@annasara Honestly, I'd rather work with juniors than with mediors and seniors.

Most juniors I've worked with still take feedback to heart and try to improve.
mediors and seniors tend to be really stuck up :drool:

@annasara I spend a lot of time trying to make things testable and writing automated tests so that I can ask the computer to debug for me 😎

But yeah, still end up spending a lot of time debugging and figuring things out.

@jworthe Testable code and writing automated tests sounds like the way to go 🙂

@annasara yes. And upkeeping of sanity and maybe also the hope for humanity, that comes with the job 🙃😉

@rghvdberg Guessing that debugging and googling is the same thing really 😁

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