YouTube Free is Silently Testing 5 Ads, instead of 2, Before Your Video Starts

This probably doesn't matter to you since you use an ad-blocker or alternative ways to watch YT videos without ads but this is still a bad joke.

Screw YT and his whole Evil Corp gang.

They only do it with 6 second ads, but still a very shitty move from YouTube 😐

For those who need it, here are some alternate ways to access YouTube content -

@alejandrobdn Well that's why it is not "free" trade your attention and data. Same way as trading your currency for their Premium. Traders will always try to maximize their profits....
@alejandrobdn I remember seeing articles earlier this year about decreased google apps use so this is just another attempt to stay afloat.

@drplague I use newsboat with mpv but newpipe or freetube are good alternatives.

@drplague Nope, mpv on Linux. On Android I use Newpipe. On Linux, mainly newsboat as a feed client from YT and mpv as a viewer. Sometimes I use also FreeTube as GUI client.

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