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Announcing the release of Fedora Linux 35 Beta

"The Fedora Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Fedora Linux 35 Beta, the next step towards our planned Fedora Linux 35 release at the end of October. Download the prerelease from our Get Fedora site: Get Fedora 35 Workstation Beta  Get Fedora 35 Server Beta Get Fedora 35 IoT Beta Or, check […]" #bot #opensource #Fedora

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@protonmail @ProtonCalendar @protonvpn @FediFollows I suggest avoiding #ProtonMail until they fix their #CAPTCHA problem. Protonmail is forcing people to solve an #hCAPTCHA. And worse, it's occasional, so users may only encounter the CAPTCHA after they've distributed their @protonmail address to others, at which point users are trapped.

Registration is open for Nest with Fedora 2021, the 2nd virtual edition of the annual contributor conference.

Join the

August 5th-7th to learn, connect, and have fun!


@selea is it possible to update the :fedora: logo on this instance?

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#Fedora Linux Kernel 5.13 Test Week is coming up soon. Hop in, and help test with a Live Image or in a VM and help.

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Contribute at Fedora Linux 34 Upgrade, Audio, and Virtualization test days

"Fedora test days are events where anyone can help make sure changes in Fedora Linux work well in an upcoming release. Fedora community members often participate, and the public is welcome at these events. If you’ve never contributed to Fedora before, this is a perfect way to get started. Ther…"

#bot #opensource #Fedora

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RT @det_conan_kudo
A warning that "open source" doesn't mean "open community", courtesy of the (former) @telegram desktop app maintainer for @rpmfusion_team:

@selea which software did you use to run

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Google has announced that it is cutting off access to the Sync and "other Google Exclusive" APIs from all builds except Google Chrome.
#Chromium #Google #Fedora #ArchLinux

No more tty or tmux sessions required for safe updating of Linux, now has offline update functionality.

sudo dnf offline-upgrade download
sudo dnf offline-upgrade reboot


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Hai un negozio di computer e offri assistenza anche su #Linux? Scrivici per avere l'adesivo LinuxSi da esporre sulla tua vetrina!

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Let's face it.

Centos is dead.

There is a kinda Fedora LTS now and it called Centos Stream.

There is AlmaLinux which is the new Centos.

I'd say the fact that we now have the thing which is called Centos Stream is good.

And we have AlmaLinux as well which is what we had before.

At the end of the day, we have what we had and a new good thing. I'm ok with that.

#centos #centosstream #fedora #fedoralts #almalinux #redhat

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#Fedora is going to measure global #translation progress and share translation memories:

this is an outcome for the Linux ecosystem, it allow to measure the community progress and make translators more efficient ♥️

it is a first step of a long path to support open source translators

"However, maintaining a large number of packages takes a lot of work. In 2013-2014, I spoke with maintainers, before Redhat acquired CentOS. They were tired, not paid, and overwhelmed. They would go to their day job and then do maintenance of CentOS for free at night. The number of maintainers was dwindling each year because there was no one to pay for it. I haven't seen how plans to solve this problem."

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