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Man, First paragraph of and I'm on a very strange adventure... I'm counting it as a historical artifact, preserving a period of time in which things were very different. A time after we defeated the horrors of the world, but before they showed back up in a new suit and reminded us we're still fairly terrible creatures on a whole...

@groovestomp Yeah, That's sorta what happened to me. I kinda liked the art style personally, but that opening sequence with the whole dating sim aspect was just dull. It got much better.

@groovestomp It took me forever to actually get into Danganronpa, I must have started it like 20 times, got like five minutes in, and gotten bored.
But at some point it really grabbed me, and now I've played all three to completion, and the Ultra Despair girls (Which was absolutely terrible, but you know. I had to.) I'd say keep going til at least the first truth bullets bit. If it doesn't get you by then, then hey, probably not for you.

People using their Iphones or Samsungs don't want to think, they want to click it and install it and have it work. Not because they're dumb, but because they don't have an interest in these things. They want to talk to their friends and family easily and quickly, not debate the finer points of licensing and privacy. I don't know what the ANSWER to this is, I would prefer we use matrix or XMPP personally, but you know... I run my own synapse/prosody server. I don't think that makes me the norm.

The reason I think people are switching to signal, over the less centralized alternatives, is related to ease of entry.
For whatsapp, all you had to do was download it from the app store and give it a phone number, and you're off. Your contacts are already there, everyone is good to go. Signal mirrored that, but removed facebook, so it seems to be a better secure alternative. Things like matrix, XMPP, even IRC require that you pick a server, find your friends, put in some effort.

CalyxOS, long post. 

So, I installed on my phone. Here's what I learned. 1. It works perfectly, no complaints in regards to phone based functions. 2. The auto installer requires that your phone be close to stock. Mine wasn't, so I had to go with the old school flash all technique, but I assume this is planned since clearly if you're not stock you already know what you're doing. 3. works if you turn on internal storage for downloads. Otherwise, it's a no go.

Alright, there we go. Docker set up, running nextcloud, freshrss, transmissionVPN, portainer, various other things. So happy!

Quietly installing on this laptop of mine.
made it angry, and honestly, debian is more fun.

Okay, seriously, why is not the default look for mastodon? This is beautiful.

Debating swapping my server (in normal people terms a 15 year old laptop with a 1tb USB drive attached) over to a setup. Just run all the various things in docker containers so I can fudge with them without breaking the entire system. Dunno if that's smart or not, but it's certainly tempting.

@groovestomp I love the IDEA of GrapheneOS, but it is so locked down that it makes its function a little difficult unless you are one of those few willing to sacrifice ALL convenience for your privacy, which I would like to be, but I have a 5 year old, and if I delete among us she'll murder me.
I heard of CopperheadOS, but I don't recall the details. I'll have to go look them up.

@groovestomp /e/ is a little bit shady for me. They keep having weird things where their stuff is still calling home to google, and their app store is very reticent to admit to where they are getting their apk's... At least that was the case a few years back when I looked into it.
I'd still pick them over samsung or google though, so you know, swings and roundabouts.

@apathetic_bystander That's what I thought. I am pretty sure that calyxOS has aurora and microg installed by default. I guess I could just reset and use lineageOS on it's own, with microg. But eh. I want something new and exciting I guess.

Debating going a little more private on my phone, I have installed right now, but it still runs opengapps, and all the google that entails. The issue is I need to be able to use my phone, and some things aren't easily accessible via . I'm thinking I might try , since I like what I see over on the site, and it seems to allow access to the play store via alternative means.

So, I've been hanging out in the space for a bit, Not really doing anything exciting, but watching it interestedly. The people over there seem so smart, and at the same time actually nice. Im debating throwing up a blog just for the heck of it. I don't really have anything to say, but I love the idea.

@redstarfish I installed it, meant to look at it, and forgot to actually do so. Probably if I HAD I would have remembered to push it. It's all good, I'm basically back to where I was at this point, Probably time to take an actual look at magit.

You know, it occured to me that I could basically use ANY linux distro, or even windows, in exactly the same way, if I trusted in . I have jabber running through it, mastodon, my email. All I need to do is backup my init file and let it do it's job on pretty much any system, and I'm back to basically the same workflow instantly.
And then, I forgot to git push my dotfiles, and had to start my init file over.
So there's that.

@amolith it's a great way to get rid of those spare keys. I but the bundles for like one or two games and end up with like fifty spare keys, and no one I know really plays PC games but me.

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