You know, it occured to me that I could basically use ANY linux distro, or even windows, in exactly the same way, if I trusted in . I have jabber running through it, mastodon, my email. All I need to do is backup my init file and let it do it's job on pretty much any system, and I'm back to basically the same workflow instantly.
And then, I forgot to git push my dotfiles, and had to start my init file over.
So there's that.

I won't lie, I am LOVING the thing. I got use-package up, installed znc-erc, fixed mu4e so I can get my email, and installed the emacs application framework so I can get my web browser working. Then I loaded pianobar in ansi-term so I could rock out as I did it.
Posting this from the mastodon instance i loaded into emacs as well.

I've been trying to get into . I've always used , and honestly I'm pretty happy with it, but everyone seems to LOVE emacs, and I want to know why! So here we are, 5 in the morning, discovering mastodon.el, and ...
Maybe I'll throw my email in here as well, why not?


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