I wish we had a term other than Distro to define Linux releases. Things like Debian, Arch, Slack, Fedora... Those should be Distros. Things based on those distros should be called something else until they separate far enough that they couldn't reasonably still be called the same distro. So for example Ubuntu and Manjaro.
Ubuntu has SO many new Distros, with more coming hourly, that are just Ubuntu, only we use 'X' DE/WM. Arch has a whole bunch that are Arch, only we have a GUI installer.

@GNUxeava Exactly. The same language could be applied their, since they're basically mobile linux distros anyway.

@alchemistswater I thought I heard those types of releases "spins," or am I misremembering?

@BustaMarx Fedora calls them spins, I think. Ubuntu calls them flavours. When they're officially recognized by the original distro at least. I was thinking more in the direction of a generic term. Spins would work though. Whenever I think about this I tend to call them spins in my head.

A spin-off.

That being said, anything from redhat should really be called a fu**-off!


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