The fanservice in Danganronpa 2 is a little much.

I'm about halfway into DR2 now and in almost every regard I think it is worse than the first game.
The graphics are better, but the voice acting is less even, the style is less consistent and more...

2 was iffy. It started bad, got worse, but finished pretty good.

@alchemistswater okay, good to know.
I understand 3 is the best, do you agree with my understanding of that?


3 was definitely the best all round. I had the worst time getting it running correctly on linux, so I don't have as fond memories as I probably would have otherwise, but it was fun, story was interesting, murders were as crazy as always. So.

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@alchemistswater I am questioning whether I want to continue. 2 is pretty bad right now at chapter 4 and making me question why I am plating this series. :-D

@groovestomp Hah, Yeah. I think 2 almost made me just quit. I mean, it ends nicely. At least as far as I remember. I liked the final courtroom, the whole story is sorta silly but you know, sometimes that's okay. There's a reason they made an anime of 1, skipped 2, and made the anime of 3 I think.

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