Debating going a little more private on my phone, I have installed right now, but it still runs opengapps, and all the google that entails. The issue is I need to be able to use my phone, and some things aren't easily accessible via . I'm thinking I might try , since I like what I see over on the site, and it seems to allow access to the play store via alternative means.

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@alchemistswater you don't need any *gapps store, you can install aurora from fdroid. The only issue is with the apps that need google services for push notifications etc. They will still run properly but without notifications.
Also you can use microg if your phone supports it

@apathetic_bystander That's what I thought. I am pretty sure that calyxOS has aurora and microg installed by default. I guess I could just reset and use lineageOS on it's own, with microg. But eh. I want something new and exciting I guess.

@alchemistswater @apathetic_bystander there's also /e/ (e foundation) that is lineage + microG.
I've been using it as my primary phone is for several months now.

@groovestomp /e/ is a little bit shady for me. They keep having weird things where their stuff is still calling home to google, and their app store is very reticent to admit to where they are getting their apk's... At least that was the case a few years back when I looked into it.
I'd still pick them over samsung or google though, so you know, swings and roundabouts.

@alchemistswater Aye, I read that, too. I think it's still the case with their app store, but I just use F-Droid and Aurora.
I think the phoning home to Google was just early alpha/beta-ware and potentially some miscommunication that's since been addressed.

I didn't know about CalyxOS, I'll have to check that out! Thanks!

I did know of GrapheneOS and CopperheadOS; not sure if they're similar or not.

@groovestomp I love the IDEA of GrapheneOS, but it is so locked down that it makes its function a little difficult unless you are one of those few willing to sacrifice ALL convenience for your privacy, which I would like to be, but I have a 5 year old, and if I delete among us she'll murder me.
I heard of CopperheadOS, but I don't recall the details. I'll have to go look them up.

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