BTW I don't use GitLab.

I'm just sick of cloudflare more and more becoming the gate keeper to the internet.

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@caltlgin @ajz It should also be spotlighted that #PRISMbreak uses #Gitlab with total disregard to #privacy, and they're quite hostile toward the mere suggestion that Gitlab is a privacy abuser (locking threads to block discussion):

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @caltlgin @ajz do you have an alternative service that has many of the same features as gitlab? I know source hut seems to, but not sure how beta they are.

@ajz @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @caltlgin A requirement for me is CI/CD. Gitlab's is good and well documented. Sourcehut's is coming along. I can't see anything for Codeberg.

I'd love to use these services, but they aren't for me at the moment. The worst part is that it's also hard to find documentation for using other services with repos from the latter two..

@Katsudon @caltlgin @ajz Let's be clear that a lot of evil is linked to the *service*, but AFAIK there's nothing wrong with the Gitlab #freesoftware package. So you could self-host gitlab s/w or find someone else who uses G/L on a public server.

@ajz @caltlgin @Katsudon indeed. There is also,,, & /cc @zengun

@ajz @zengun @Katsudon @caltlgin @ajz is running the #Gitlab s/w. I've not used it but I would not expect them to be doing all the evil that does, and I did notice that they do not impose a #Google #CAPTCHA on registrations.

@zengun @caltlgin @ajz generally yes. Everything I consume in life, from soap to banking service to cloud services, has bad actors who work against ppls freedom. There are enough bad actors that goods/svc quality/price takes a back seat in my decisions. I #boycott the most evil of corps in every category & use the lesser of evils. It's the only way to practice ethical consumption.

@ajz @caltlgin so now that gitlab is embracing the devil i want another way to host my static site with my own domain for cheap (free i mean) 😭

@olivia @caltlgin "Free" without ads and/or tracking is perhaps difficult. Here a paid option for custom domain :

@ajz @caltlgin yeah, i don't know. i already pay for the domain (and for email), but montly paying for hosting is still always too expensive for me. i wouldn't mind paying if there was an affordable option, but with the dollar rising like it is now, it can get nasty.

@olivia @caltlgin And what are your requirement for uploading your files ? web interface or sftp ? I can imagine that if your site is not taking a lot of diskspace (Are you hiding bittorrent files ? ;) and doesn't have too much traffic that some friendly Fediverse geeks will help you to host your website for free.

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