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oh typo in my poem
you are an unexpected omen


you made me stable

your wiki held my hand
when there were things i did not understand

the expression non free
change my mindset

thank you for your inspiration, oh volunteers of one of the oldest distributions that Linux ever had

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If you use a strong, unique password for an account, and store that securely, TOTP is not worth enabling on that account.

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Depends on the TOTP.
A fully libre, offline hardware TOTP would be a nice addition.

Anything else is a new vector if you already use an libre, offline pass manager and very strong passwords

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For fuck's sake stop using fucking Slack for your open source project, christ. Get it through your fucking skulls, Dudebros. This is some basic fucking shit.

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Many proprietary software companies are currently using the extended homeoffice situation of many employees to offer lock-in solutions gratis or even labelling them as "free". But take care to build on Free Software. Else your solution today might turn into a burden tomorrow:


what is a party animal
the hermit sunk into thought

which human was it that has connected a jolly feast
with a word value lowered species of beast

why neglect to admire our fellow Earthlings
certainly now most are going extinct

hey now
play me a tune from our jukebox
Le carnaval des animaux


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Some really great Blender process videos by Julien Kaspar for the upcoming Settlers short.

Watch them on #peertube is you support opensource;)

Settlers - Modeling Part 1 - Preparation - video.blender.org video.blender.org/videos/watch

#blender #b3d #settlers #JulienKaspar

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Figured out how to create a macro in (neo)mutt that lets you open up an HTML attachment in firefox. Nifty!

Maybe my next blog could be on my favorite mutt tricks :)

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Nice reading: "The story of how I gained unauthorized Camera access on iOS and macOS ": ryanpickren.com/webcam-hacking

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Will the future see all over the place for each part of a website with embedded things ? 😀

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Don't use a piece of software just because everyone else is. Do some research and make your own decisions.

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When browsing SI-Gitlab I noticed that suddenly my tracking protection in Firefox was triggered. :si_blobfox:

What should I say… It's was a third-party cookie that was blocked. A few seconds later: shield.io runs behind cloudflare and therefore has a "__cfduid" cookie.

This was a few hours ago…

shields.shivering-isles.com is now a thing. Working on removal of Google fonts upstream, blocked them for now via CSP.

#privacy #selfhosting #badges

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Good rest, simple exercise, and hydration. All will help elevate your basic daily wellness.

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