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Exciting news! Thanks to funding from the Open Technology Fund, the excellent folks at Simply Secure will be working with us to improve the usability of #Snikket, particularly our iOS app.

If you're interested in helping out with the usability study, there is an opportunity to participate with 30 minutes of your time. No special expertise required :)

Read more on our blog: snikket.org/blog/simply-secure


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With the #IPCCReport confirming the increasing seriousness of the climate crisis, it's never been more important to remember that environmentalism isn't opposed to working-class politics; it's an inseparable part of it

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Wenn man wissen will, ob ein System krank ist ?
Hochschule Worms zahlte 2020 9829.56 € an Zoom , hat aber ein Rechenzentrum und lehrt Wirtschaftsinformatik.

Sicher gibts da Gründe warum die bezahlen. Meiner Meinung nach sind das aber genau die Gründe für ein kaputtes System.

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Hello to the federated corners of the internet.

Tried #securescuttlebutt last year but struggled with clients too much, so hello #Fediverse !

Recently started using #Mobian on a #PinePhone as a portable communication device, which I'll spend some time improving support for in the #debian and #Guix communities.

I maintain a small zoo of #arm boards for #reproduciblebuilds .

Love getting thrown around at my #aikido dojo and running #offgrid using #solar panels.

#introduction #introductions

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Almost a year ago, we created a list of applications that can be added to FreedomBox in the short-term.

Calibre-server and Zoph have already been added and will be included in the next stable release (Debian 11 Bullseye).

We're currently integrating an email server, WordPress and Kiwix. These apps will be released via the bullseye-backports channel, some time after Debian Bullseye is released on 14th August.

#Debian #FreedomBox #Calibre #Zoph #WordPress #Kiwix

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Imagine thinking, ten years ago, that the day would come when you're simply not allowed to compile and run your own software from a removable drive without asking permission from a governing body.

This was what we all expected from a Microsoft-run world in 2001, but in 2011? Some of us thought things had changed. Others of us looked over Apple and the iPhone and resumed worrying.

Now the zeitgeist is closing in fast because of ransomware.

Users With Compilers Considered Harmful.

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Alien: I'm going to rule you with an iron fist

Me: Our ruling class already does that

Alien: Then I'll seize all the resources of your planet

Me: You're not going to believe this...

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Revision 2 of the PinePhone keyboard, this one is actually nice to type on :D

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Asking LGBTQ+ people only:

What's your view of the word "queer" in the context of describing LGBTQ+ people?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

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Hey, I'm currently super poor and can't even afford food or drink.

If you got money to spare for an income- and homeless hacker creating leftist software, services and propaganda, that'd be extremely appreciated.

I can currently receive donations over two channels.

1) EU bank account for one-time donations without any middlemen:

IBAN: DE10100110012627826246

2) Patreon for recurring donations:

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With the final #PinePhone keyboard prototype now undergoing testing, we want to know, will you be grabbing one at launch?

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Die reichsten 8 Männer haben mehr Geld als die Hälfte der Weltbevölkerung. Und uns wird gesagt, dass wir es uns nicht leisten können, den Planeten zu retten .

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Linux tips 

watch is a #linux #command that helps you watch the output of other #commands.

For example, there's a command called free that shows you info about your memory usage. Open up your #terminal and type the following:

watch free

By default watch command runs the given command every 2 seconds and shows you the output. In this case you can see the output of "free" changing every 2 seconds, depending on your memory usage. Press ctrl+c to quit watching.

#LinuxTips #CommandLine

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Kann mir jemand Videos in russischer Sprache empfehlen, die den #Klimawandel und seine erwarteten Folgen erklären?
#russlanddeutsche #russisch #Klimagerechtigeit

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Reducing CO2 emissions by targeting the world's hyper-polluting power plants


From a comment on HN : According to this article just 5% of the world’s power plants account for almost three-quarters of carbon emissions from electricity generation.
The paper lists the top 10 polluting plants - one is in Germany.
If Germany wants to set an example, there’s where to start.

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