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<Rafiki Voice>
It is time
</Rafiki Voice>

gopher://marcg.pizza going down to be reborn as


And shortly to be opened for hosting

If you want to get in please email admin (@) gopher.pizza with the following

(Preferably)Public key to use(Access is with SFTP)
Password(If not using public key)

Everyone gets 500MB of storage. Why so low? Well because it's text only.

You can encrypt the email with pgp if you wish using my key here


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People say free software community is divided into two. So, in which one do you belong?

a) I hate Mac, but I really really hate Windows.

b) I hate Windows, but I really really hate Mac

(Boost appreciated for better result)

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Just ordered my #PinePhone!

Super excited. I don't care if it takes weeks / months to come, or is delayed. I don't care if stuff is broken or non functional yet. Just to be able to contact friends and look at stuff online, on mobile, without operating system level surveillance is worth it x100 for me.

Can't wait to help the community!

Thanks #Google/#Apple'! Your Orwellian relationship #surveillance, aka "contact tracing" plans gave me the final push I needed to make the leap.

:awesome: 📱

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These lockdowns are the best opportunity in our lives for reflection.

What values are most important to us?

What makes us happy?

What makes us sad?

What things have we gotten right?

What things have we gotten wrong?

What future awaits us if we carry on as before?

What future do we want to see?

What can we do to make the change?

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It's okay to use a timer to remind yourself to take breaks.

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#BigBlueButton now offering $40/mon shared instance for events up to 25 concurrent users (16 webcams/room)

'Additional charges will apply in South America or Sub-saharan Africa'

Perhaps it had this before and I hadn't noticed it or allowed enough javascript to see it



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#Anonymous has always supported #JulianAssange and we will keep on doing so. No man should be imprisoned for telling the truth.

#Anonymous #CloversForAssange #FreeAssange

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[\/] leaves are dancing
in the wind
a natural romancing

their blue sky ( . )
is a satin towel

.} don't pity me
searching for that last vowel

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Las nuevas versiones de Facebook traen una nueva característica maliciosa. Se llama "Off Facebook Tracking" y permitie a la app rastrear toda tu actividad FUERA de esta: todo lo que haces en tu dispositivo.

Si usas Facebook, considera borrar tu cuenta y desinstalar la app. Comparte y ayuda a proteger el derecho a la privacidad.

Si no quieres hacerlo, desactiva esta "característica" siendo consciente de que no sirve de nada desactivarla.

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@Matter @konrad Yeah I think (hope) they learned a bit from that whole ordeal.

The only thing exciting about /e/ is that it's totally possible nontechnical consumers will some day have the option to buy an Android phone that's built for privacy. If you have the ability to put Lineage on your phone, I say do it. But regular consumers do need something that's both private and easy, out of the box.

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Every time I search for a single word through the #firefox searchbar, this word is being lookup up and forwarded to my dns server. What is that about? This is a real privacy problem if someone uses a non-private dns server!

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Anyone using #Blokada (blokada.org), a tracking blocker for #Android recommended by @exodus?

I just discovered it and I’m looking for feedbacks.

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The other day I found #MuseScore on the Microsoft Windows Store. It's free to use as far as I've seen. And handles pretty well. Obviously it handles differently from #HarmonyAssistant, and that is OK. I have yet to find out how to change an instrument assignment to a staff, if that is possible at all. It lets us write music score, and exports sound media for a variety of publication formats, including #ogg. More people should ogg!

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