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i was just asked about #exoscale - i know that a number of you #mastoadmin's migrated to them from wasabi... what is your long- or midterm experience so far? also if you use them for other services.

Sรฅ jobbar du sรคkrare hemifrรฅn enligt MSB

Att jobba hemifrรฅn innebรคr mรฅnga gรฅnger stora omstรคllningar. Nu har MSB tagit fram ett par dokument som ska gรถra att vi alla jobbar lite sรคkrare.

Hackers Used Local News Sites to Install Spyware On iPhones

A newly discovered watering-hole campaign is targeting Apple iPhone users in Hong Kong by using malicious website links as a lure to install spyware on the devices.
According to research published by Trend Micro and Kaspersky, the "Operation Poisoned News" attack leverages a remote iOS exploit chain to deploy a feature-rich implant called 'LightSpy' through links to local news websites, which when clicked, executes the malware payload and allows an interloper to exfiltrate sensitive data from the affected device and even take full control.
Watering-hole attacks typically let a bad actor compromise a specific group of end-users by infecting websites that they are known to visit, with an intention to gain access to the victim's device and load it with malware.

The APT group, dubbed "TwoSail Junk" by Kaspersky, is said to be leveraging vulnerabilities present in iOS 12.1 and 12.2 spanning all models from iPhone 6 to the iPhone X, with the attacks first identified on January 10, before intensifying around February 18.

Using Malicious Links as Bait to Install Spyware

The campaign uses fake links posted on multiple forums, all popular with Hong Kong residents, that claim to lead to various news stories related to topics that are either sex-related, clickbait, or news related to the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Clicking the URLs lead the users to legitimate news outlets that have been compromised as well as websites set up specifically for this campaign (e.g., hxxps://appledaily.googlephoto[.]vip/news[.]html) by the operators. In both situations, a hidden iframe is employed to load and execute malicious code.
"The URLs used led to a malicious website created by the attacker, which in turn contained three iframes that pointed to different sites," Trend Micro researchers said. "The only visible iframe leads to a legitimate news site, which makes people believe they are visiting the said site. One invisible iframe was used for website analytics; the other led to a site hosting the main script of the iOS exploits."

The malware in question exploits a "silently patched" Safari vulnerability, which when rendered on the browser leads to the exploitation of a use after free memory flaw (tracked as CVE-2019-8605) that allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code with root privileges โ€” in this case, install the proprietary LightSpy backdoor. The bug has since been resolved with the release of iOS 12.3, macOS Mojave 10.14.5, tvOS 12.3, and watchOS 5.2.1.
The spyware is not just capable of remotely executing shell commands and taking full control of the device. It also contains a variety of downloadable modules that allow for data exfiltration, such as contact lists, GPS location, Wi-Fi connection history, hardware data, iOS keychains, phone call records, mobile Safari and Chrome browser history, and SMS messages.

In addition, LightSpy targets messaging applications like Telegram, QQ, and WeChat to steal account information, contacts, groups, messages, and attached files.

A Surveillance Operation Targeting Southeast Asia

It is suspected the TwoSail Junk gang is connected to, or possibly the same, as the operators of "dmsSpy," an Android variant of the same malware that was distributed last year through open Telegram channels under the guise of Hong Kong protest calendar apps among others.
"dmsSpy's download and command-and-control servers used the same domain name (hkrevolution[.]club) as one of the watering holes used by the iOS component of Poisoned News," the researchers observed.
Once installed, these rogue Android apps harvested and exfiltrated contacts, text messages, the user's location, and the names of stored files.
"This particular framework and infrastructure is an interesting example of an agile approach to developing and deploying surveillance framework in Southeast Asia," Kaspersky researchers concluded.
Trend Micro, for its part, suggested the design and functionality of the campaign aim to compromise as many mobile devices as possible to enable device backdooring and surveillance.
To mitigate such threats, it's essential that users keep their devices up-to-date and avoid sideloading apps on Android from unauthorized sources.
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We have set up a rss-to-mastodon bridge for you to use

Please test it, and let me know how it works!

We have set up a rss-to-mastodon bridge for you to use

Please test it, and let me know how it works!

Yes, but @matrix should make it easier to find via their website.
They can't complain about overloading when they are not helping people to find other homeservers :)

Does anyone here want a .monster domain? is currently owned by me for another 13 days, but I do not want it anymore.
If someone are interested in snagging it, I can send you the auth code.

It costs 15-16 USD / Year


It is that time of the year again, I have entered my yearly Eurobeat period.

I love it

Online meetings?
You dont need to register on zoom or any non-free service. You can instead use Jitsi! - a open platform that you can host yourself!

Try it out at - an instance hosted by @perflyst

We will perform upgrades on the network in one of our environment. The following services may be affected:

Mirror (rsync, http, https)
Firefox sync
Linux.Pizza Blog

Hello world!

We're slowly making progress towards our first product. It's a standard 65% PCB with hotswap sockets. It's powered by the open source software QMK and it features a standard ISO-layout to fit as much people as possible.

Our goal is to make custom keyboards easy and available for everyone.


Is anyone able to help shed some light on where i went wrong or what i'm missing with my SourceHut Git setup?

โš ๏ธ #Mastodon v3.1.2 is out with an important security fix:

Likewise, v3.0.2 and v2.9.4 have been released to port this fix to older versions.

Let's make a Linux distro that simulates the phone experience by just refusing to continue updating after two years and then you have to go to some forum and download a patched image for your computer built by someone called queefburglar69
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