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Pleased to announce, that we have changed our banner for instead of the old one. The new one is classified as "art".

This was crafted together by @ohyran , so if you are in any need of a illustrator/designer - you know who you should talk to :)

reminder that also will serve your debian-machine with updates :)

Hmmm, I should consider making a now banner for this instance..
Sadly my graphical skills is non-existent

3,343,965 accounts
+989,838 in the last hour
+991,510 in the last day
+999,262 in the last week

just a idea for my little -project and propably more a note to myself.
next media by similiar media: let user add them and vote up or down, give back a list sorted by likes. owner can disable that or remove it from recommended medias.
additional for next media: more options like take next by category,type, or by similiar or all together or whatever.. does block some instances.
The up-to-date list will always be available here:

Performing some updates, some services might go down for 5-10 minutes.

Added one extra machine to the homelab, and I am planning to get one more in the coming month.
Sadly, I do not have room for a rack :/

Have you been able to convince people to join the #Fediverse? If so, how?

I ask because I want everyone to leave birdsite/etc and join a federated social network, and I want effective ways to ask.

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