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The up-to-date list will always be available here:

Performing some updates, some services might go down for 5-10 minutes.

Added one extra machine to the homelab, and I am planning to get one more in the coming month.
Sadly, I do not have room for a rack :/

Have you been able to convince people to join the #Fediverse? If so, how?

I ask because I want everyone to leave birdsite/etc and join a federated social network, and I want effective ways to ask.

Hi users of Linux.Pizza!

We have created a mailinglist for that will be the main channel regarding information of new services, updates to services, planned maintenance and so on. Basically everything that can or will affect you as a user.

I encourage you to subscribe to the list (moderated list) by send an email to "" and follow the instructions you get in the reply.

We wont fill your inbox with emails, and ofcourse - your email is safe with us

/ admin there an instance related to / dedicated to farmers / farming yet? #fediverse

oh boy, the upcoming IKEA ROGNAN looks great! precisely what we need at home!

Reminder for instance admins 

ICANN recently started to recommend all domains to deploy DNSSEC as a consequence after the first successful attack against a non-signed domain.

Please enable DNSSEC on your domain in order to protect your users.

If the government doesn't trust the people, why doesn't it dissolve them
and elect a new people?

We changed our CDN from Cloudflare to BunnyCDN instead, so we are now finally Cloudflare Free!

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