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I just removed a user account that was created on #iocx for the purpose of being a C2 channel for a piece of malware.

If you have open registrations, I recommend to scan your accounts list for the following IP addresses:

Here is also the email address that was used by that account: tiagogamejardimpiedade02@gmail.com

So, we have actually blocked new registrations for users that is using gmail.com.
This is because, 99% of all spam accounts uses gmail.com
80% gmail.com signups is spam.

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Also, as uhmmm wrote - getting the servers cheap is easy

Finding a place to rack them - harder

@abbienormal @twisterrm @mastohost

I have plenty of rack-servers laying around to build a pretty good cluster.
Ofcourse - no vmware shit, since it does not support machines anno 2015 anymore.

@abbienormal @mastohost

There is already some p2p social networks - Manyverse is one of them for example.

That would be really nice, I have actually looked into doing something similar in my hometown, we have some very nice datacenters (bunkers and shit).

But there is a lack of people willing to collaborate and spend money on it.

@abbienormal @twisterrm

The reason this instance is located OVH is because this instance is managed by @mastohost

I know that Masto.host used to offer services to manage the instance on the customers own hardware, but I have no idea what the status is with that now.

ALL the instances I'm trying are on Digital Ocean or Ovh

Shouldn't we be a bit more decentralized ?


Been thinking about moving infosec.exchange to the glitch.social fork of mastodon. Any feedback pro/con?

Linux elitism makes me sick. I'm tired of people screaming at me what I should be doing on my computer. Shouldn't the linux desktop be about freedom, not about basement people with super inflated egos narrowing your choices?

Please don't be a linux elitist. It's not healthy for the community and your social life.

Due to an increased amount of spam-signups - new accounts will recruite admin/moderator approval.

You can still invite your friends with your invite link ofcourse

I would never copy someone else's status word for word, certainly not just to see if they noticed

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