We had 70 applications to this instance yesterday. Only one was a real person.


Could get some kind of to reduce that problem?

I does not need to be a hard one, a math problem or something like that.

@avndp @admin @Gargron We'll probably become a social network for mathematicians before we get rid of abusers 😉

@admin Doesn't it have it? Even Pleroma supports Captcha and I am sure I saw captchas on masto before


Do you know if they where on mastodon or a fork of mastodon?

@admin Oh nah, Pleroma is a complete seperate suite. Apparently Masto choose not to implement it since modern spam rips right through captcha and you'd be better off using rate limiting, plus avoiding google reCaptcha is generally a plus


I did not want to use recraptcha actually, was more thinking about hcaptcha or visualcaptcha.
The thing is, that the signups that I am getting is most likely not modern spam scripts, but a simple one :)

@admin can you hack something in? Add a field that says something like "four score plus seven equals how much"
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