Should crossposters be allowed?

Should crossposters that does not check mastodon be allowed?

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@admin that's my main issue with it. If you're going to try and engage a community then actually engage with them...I'm looking at you @nextcloud


Yes, I totally agree. I am soon at the point that will block all xposters that just use this to push out their message without wanting feedback


@admin I know I'm a random but my input is no and here's why: it's a form of spam and people who do it NEVER interact with their own crossposts. Manual crossposting with a notice should be allowed. Automated and unknown should not be. There's a certain user I follow that does Twitter cross posting and they just ignore this place anyway. What's the point?

Hopefully I'm not misunderstanding what you meant. Just my perspective and experience.


I think I understand you completely, and I agree with you!

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