Posting NSWF anime shit without CW = suspend

I do not get why that is so hard for people to understand

@admin Users or instances? Sometimes it's a legit mistake or the mods were asleep.


users and instances,
A legit mistake can be easily identified if there is no other post like it on a users timeline, but sadly that is seldom the case.

@admin Having had plenty of experience running an instance that frequently has users that have not acclimated to fedi yet, I can say you might want to ping the admin before blocking an instance. Users on your instance, sure, your local culture may be less tolerant of NSFW stuff, that's fine.


Just to be clear, I did'nt block the entire instance, I just suspended that particular user. Blocking an entire instance is really the very last resort for me and is often not something that I even consider.

I just want to be able to scroll on mastodon at work or in public without getting animetits on my screen :)

@admin This is a reasonable thing to want to do.
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