Linux native gaming!

"Iron Danger" (RPG / Steampunk / Fantasy).

Feature trailer is here / game release 25.3.2020.

Based on The Kalevala which inspired one J.R.R. Tolkien heavily.

A tactical combat game with a unique time manipulation mechanic.

A never before seen combination that combines the tactical depth of turn-based games with the exciting action of real-time games.

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If you havent played this game yet, you should really give it a go.
Super Bernie World by Eniko

Jordan and I are going to show you all how to NOT play Divinity Original Sin.πŸ˜†

I ended up getting Divinity Original Sin 2 working on Manjaro. I just had to make a shortcut from the .net folder to the games main folder in order to run it.

Ikey Doherty (founder of Solus Linux) is up to open source gaming!

The entitled "Linux Badass" appears to have launched an open-source focused gaming / software development company.

After Solus he went on to work on Intel's Clear Linux project & now a new firm: "Lispy Snake" works on game engines and indeed games. Given the Irishman's experience, this firm will leverage open-source technologies.

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One thing I am super grateful for about being a gamer on Linux.
Preditory methods of monetization for a game that you already paid for from companies like Ubisoft and EA are far from coming to Linux. Outside of running them through DXVK
Ghost Recon Breakpoint's Excessive Microtransactions Are Disgusting

There isn't a single aspect of Ghost Recon Breakpoint that Ubisoft won't try to monetize. Aside from its multiple special editions and "year one" DLC pass, B...

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