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#LibreWolf is a fork of #Firefox but without all the telemetry and shit; with uBlock installed by default.

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@ademalsasa Distros that I used at least for a year are Arch, Fedora, Suse and Ubuntu. Based on that I say go for Fedora. Lots of packages, recent versions, works very well and large community. I love it!

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Home Assistant: My alternative to the black box that is Google and Amazon.

However, besides the lights, anyone know of any worthwhile integrations that make your home truly 'smart'?

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Hushboard is a new Linux program to automatically mute the microphone while typing (and unmute it when typing stops)

Interesting, even more in these times when the remote work is so common.

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Here’s an article about why you should use 2-factor authentication.

doesn’t support every online service, especially when it comes to banking. I prefer email rather than a texting or a phone call. Not everywhere has access to a phone signal. As a matter of fact, I’m locked out of using some services because they only have 2FA with a phone. Do y’all have these problems with 2FA? Would a service like Authy help you?

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🗓️ :opensource: :gnu:

How long have you been involved with #OpenSource / #FreeSoftware? (If you consider yourself having been involved!) #FLOSS

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So like, this is probably a stupid question but I am still not sure 2+ years on Linux, but are .SO files Linux's alternative to .DLL files?

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What is your choice if you leave #CentOS?

Please help me share.

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#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #GNU #Linux

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@ademalsasa When it comes to _stable_ distributions there aren't too many distributions. It used to be either CentOS or Debian. Now CentOS is becoming an upstream playground, I think many sysadmins will go to Debian. Yes there are alternative RHEL repackaged initiatives like Springdale Linux, Oracle Linux or Cloud Linux. And of course there is Rocky Linux. We have to see what will happen.
Oh and ClearOS as an alternative? really?
Then please have a look at #nethserver.


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