Am I the only one concerned about after the nice people who switched from twitter to Mastodon (hello nice people, btw!) ...the aholes left behind sooner or later will come here too?

(Never used twitter ... But from what I read, it must not be the most pleasant place on the internet)

@TFG I am worried but I am always gonna have to mute or block assholes anyways.


The assholes will find instances that suits them, and those are already not very pleasant

@selea @TFG And you just block those instances.And a lot of those instances are likely already blocked so...

@TFG I'm not too concerned. I think the aholes will eventually get kicked out of the nice instances, and instead concentrate in ahole instances.

I am worried that they will flock to and other instances will have to silence

@TFG no, there are assholes everywhere, at at least we have tools to deal with them here

@TFG Similar to Facebook :facebook:. The Twitter :twitter: shit talkers are vocal and "always right". I would just block them. I don't need the negative vibes or drama. I've left both social networks behind.

When you say "aholes," do you mean the free speech proponents and civil rights advocates who were kicked off of Twitter and joined Mastodon and other competing platforms years ago? Because the "nice people" you're talking about are the people who got those aholes kicked in the first place.

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