Follow just ordered a new DSL Router.. 5ghz wifi this time. ...

Now I need an USB wifi stick which supports 5ghz....and works with Debian (10 now...11 soon 😬)...and is available in Europe.

Any suggestions? 😊

Boosts welcome! Thx 😊


Does the _old_ router support reflashing to openwrt?

If so, while waiting for such a device, you could reflash the old to be openWRT, get your existing items on THAT network, still use the new router for wired and similar devices, and be able to connect to the old.
Of course you don't HAVE to flash it, but - well, I tend to flash all my routers so I know what they are running. That may just be me.

(and likely we need to ask what chipset can do that, and which manufacturers exist who make them - I assume this is "AC" not "N"? I have a router that does N that is 5Ghz, but N is quite old. Having done wireless networking for some time, the protocol name is far more important...)


Oh... The new router is 2.4 and 5ghz dual band.. So no problem with my old devices 😊

I just want tobchange to 5ghz to get more speed 😬

@TFG And which protocol ?

Multiple protocols operate in the 5ghz band.


Oh sure...😅

802.11 n

both acceptable but AC prefered

@TFG A quick read indicates that the iwlwifi driver can do AC.

It cannot do it without firmware blobs.

Nothing can, and this will not change unless someone reverse engineers the IEEE specs and creates a fully open driver. This is currently stalled by "but N works great so I see no point" thinking from the people who already are supporting a load of things (and purists have somthing to do with this situation also, but that's another argument altogether.)

So: it _should_ work with Intel, and apparently Atheros has a chipset that also works. That should cover a lot of cards;

(and the linux wireless page at is basically your best reference for this.)


I did but wasn't able to find corresponding devices to purchase 😞

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