The EU finally plans to implement its Radio Equipment Directive (RED) of 2014. ... with article 3(3)i making it almost impossible to run custom software on devices like routers or smartphones.

This will have a huge impact on the open source community and projects like OpenWRT.

"Each radio system would have to have access to the Internet to get the conformity confirmation from a server"

The concept goes so far as "noncompliant equipment will be remotely decommission"

@TFG Either I'm reading an outdated version or it just doesn't say that?

3(3)i: r"adio equipment supports certain features in order to ensure that software can only be loaded into the radio equip­ment where the compliance of the combination of the radio equipment and software has been demonstrated."

This is the version I am looking at:



I was citing (translating) parts of the news article not the legal text

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