So.. I've got 1 Windows box (which I barely use) .. and 2 Debian boxes (my daily drivers).

There's ESET NOD32 (don't like the free ones) on all of them and the license is about to expire. Should I renew it?

I mean.... there was not a single incidence with malware/viruses since I purchased the AV. Which may be because I (usually) know what I'm doing and acting paranoid af.

On the other hand... better save than sorry πŸ€”

what's your opinion?

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I dont know, but on the Windows machines I have managed and used the past years seems to do fine with the built-in protection that windoze has. Even companies seems to trust it nowadays

@selea @TFG The best protection is a reasonable dosis of paranoia, preferably as homeopatic tablets provided by a sysadmin.

A yearly ransomware attack can also supply that according to my local hospital

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I agree that the windows box has to be some sort of protected. And I'm sure the built in AV would do the trick. But I'm hesitant about the Debian boxes. πŸ€” ... they are firewalled at least...

Are your linux systems AV protected?

The matter is.. if I subscribe for ESET AV (Windows) .. I get as many Linux/Android/younameit licenses as I want for free


I just run ClamAV on Linux actually.
I did try to get ESET running on Linux on my previous job, but it did not like Debian at all lol

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that's strange... I just dpkg'ed the .deb file and all was fine with Debian

Well.. there was trouble with the license .. the code I received from ESET didn't work with Linux. I had to contact the support first and they sent me special credentials for Linux installations.

Damn.. If I wouldn't be THAT stingy .. I would have renewed the subscription and we would not have this discussion πŸ˜‚


ah no.. my fault... no .deb file .. just searched my download folder.. its some kind of executable πŸ™ˆ

I'm old and it's been a year since I installed it πŸ˜…

@selea @TFG @Archivist @anders @cody oh wow, that's cool, I didn't know about #clamav, thanks Selea! :3

@TFG I have something like a month-long outage in the lab in my home country because I didn't bother with Windows firewall and an anti-virus. So yeah, if you aren't ready to redo your whole set-up and check for exploitation impact, I'd say that having an antivirus and a firewall on a windows host itself is a good idea.

I've tooted a while ago that Windows machines are still more or less attack vectors and it was stupid of me to think otherwise.

@anders @TFG yeah, I totally agree. Defender is perfectly adequate these days.

@TFG If it's Windows 10: no. Just use Windows Defender and get rid of NOD32.

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