So...what's your favorite app on ?

And what's your most used one?

boosts welcome 😊


Fav: OsmAnd
Most used: Telegram (unfortunately)

@TFG its hard to say which is my favourite since 95% of my apps comes from fdroid. most used is probably privacy browser, bromite, tusky and conversations

@TFG my most important apps are netguard (even tho I install it thru github, but it is available at fdroid) and keepassdx

@TFG There are so many... Transportr, Osmand, WireGuard, Nextcloud, Bromite, NewPipe, LBRY.
Prob I use different 'simple apps' the most. I try to use my phone as little as possible.
If it wasn't for gps (and I need to buy an alarm clock) I would prob just get a burner phone at this point.

@TFG Blokad and NewPipe. With NewPipe, I added their repository so I can get faster updates.

@TFG I like Schlikk Calls and know the developer 😉

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