Dr. Fauci Stutters and Stammers Trying to Explain Why Cases are Dropping in Texas

“It, uh, can be confusing because you may see a lag and a delay because often you have to wait a few weeks before you see the effect of what you’re doing right now,” Fauci began his word salad of nonsense.

“I mean, when you say that they’ve had a lot, uh, of activity on the outside like ball games, I’m not really quite sure. It could be they’re doing things outdoors,”

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@DotardTed "... It could be they’re doing things outdoors" Then why did you and your buddies encourage everyone to stay inside all this time if being outside makes a difference? 😉

@HiroProtagonist @DotardTed Remember the press conference where the Media said Trump wanted to inject bleach? Yeah that same press conference is where the HHS team also released that sunlight can kill the virus almost instantly. They didn’t publicize that did they? It’s all a scam meant to make you sick so big pharma can push healthy ppl get the vaccine.


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I remember that same press conference as I watched it live. Trump did not say bleach as the media exclaimed, he said disinfectant. Even so, he was conjecturing at how amazing science is, he wondered if they could engineer a way to inject disinfectant into people.

This was an image that I had captured during the press conference (sorry for the orientation) that I believe you are referencing.

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@StampedingLonghorn Trump said disinfect your blood.

Trump had just come from a meeting an hour before where doctors discussed the possibility of running blood through a dialysis-type machine and cleaning it with UV light. The same UV light they've disinfected surgical theaters with since the virus started. Sold more of those than ventilators.
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@StampedingLonghorn He mixed up disinfecting using the UV light through the skin and injections, but he’s a layman. He was thinking outside the box on everything.

Everybody freaked out when he ordered all the pharmaceutical companies to start manufacturing vaccines full speed as soon as they had created them, before any testing had been done on any of them at all. Very expensive because most runs were discarded, but we got vaccines a year sooner than anyone else could have done it.

I’ll take the non-medical outside-the-box of Trump long before I’ll listen to the medical doctors saying it’s all impossible. 😀👍 @DotardTed @HiroProtagonist @surrealestate

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That's why the US and Israel are ahead of the pack. Canada is getting hit with another really bad wave while in the US, it's falling off a cliff. Investment in Operation Warp Speed was the best decision Trump could've made.

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