I published an article on different package managers in and Windows (yes, Windows keeps adding more needed Linux features!).

Which manager do you prefer?

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I've been on Debian based distro most of my Linux time, so apt is fairly dear to me (also just werks unless you're doing some massive shenanigans like mixing different Debian releases).

That being said, I've been eyeing Guix for some time now. Maybe once I get my act together and reinstall one of my laptops, I'll try it.

@StampedingLonghorn I don't know about the dnf upgrade process being complicated. Three commands seems about the easiest path of them all. And what's more i found it to consistently work.

An Appimage is not at all like a windows msi file as nothing actually gets installed. It's comparable to a macos software package directory tree.

For windows I find chocolatey to be the only currently useful package manager. Even ms use it internally. Talk about crufty syntax though.

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