I published an article about the 10 most popular desktop environments on .

Which base is your favorite for desktop environments?

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@StampedingLonghorn both Gtk and Qt are a pain to develop with. As a side note, my desktop env is i3

@StampedingLonghorn Wow, finally someone mentions Mate. It's a great desktop environment, and is currently the most accessible DE for blind Linux users.

Indeed, everything right about Windows XP was incorporated into MATE. Much easier for me to view things on MATE compared to contemporary styles that are flat, text heavy, and I'm not even visually impaired.

If I had to go without Budgie, I would choose MATE. I like how customizable the panels and docklets are on them. You can make it look like Windows (albeit much prettier), Mac, Ubuntu Unity, or your own thing.

Oops, I should've added that as an option. Which DE do you use?

@StampedingLonghorn I use no DE and in regards to Gtk vs Qt, I use both.

@StampedingLonghorn a couple of corrections:

- "organized in categories defined by Free Software Foundation": if you're referring to the categories for desktop files, it's part of the cross-desktop group (XDG) on, which has nothing to do with the FSF, and the categories were defined in the early GNOME2/KDE3 days, for menus.

- "GNOME 39": there is no such thing as GNOME 39; it's either GNOME 3.38 (current stable) or GNOME 40 (next stable). You can re-arrange icons in 3.38.

Thank you very much for your feedback. I appreciate it and updated the article. 😉

@StampedingLonghorn I got hooked on LXDE+openbox by Crunchbang Linux. Small, fast, does everything that I need, and none of what I don't need.

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