Well fuck me pink and call me rosy!
Google was just slapped with a lawsuit that claims it tracks people on hundreds of thousands of apps even when they opt out


Well, they told me it wasn't possible but it is! After years of searching, I've finally found a decent, intuitive, desktop, ebook reader! Bookwork
--> babluboy.github.io/bookworm/ is really simple, it's really intuitive and highly recommended. Check it out! 👍 😀

Combichrist - One Fire (2019) - I'd forgotten I had this album. Some truly excellent EBM with a hard edge. Just the way I like it!


I believe I've discovered ! A Southern U.S. genre with the major proponents being Cavity, who seriously rock! Eyehategod and Crowbar would be lesser examples of the genre. So, any of you fans, you know what to do! : D

Well I tried - it basically creates a local repo of all your AUR packages and also all your --devel packages. It will take as long as the amount of AUR & --devel packages you have to set the repo up. The controls are intuitive but I use only the very essential AUR & --devel packages so it's not of a great deal of use to me, but if you use a lot of AUR & --devel packages then this is for you. Very easy to set up, intuitive controls etc. Worth a look: github.com/alexheretic/aurto

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Unsane - Sterilise (2017)

Unsane pioneered a more aggressive, less studied version of noise-rock, one that blended the scum/art industrial sturm & drang with a deciededly more hardcore idiom.
In short, they're fucking brilliant.


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Man Hospitalized As Gruesome Video Shows Cops Repeatedly Taser Him in the Face

While on his knees and surrendering, officers began repeatedly using a taser on a man's face for no reason, injuring him so badly he was hospitalized.


According to leaked internal European Union documents, the EU could soon be creating a network of national police facial recognition databases.'

This is really scary shit.


Has anyone tried the new AUR wrapper aurto? It looks pretty neat, keyboard functions are very intuitive. I'm downloading it at the moment andwill start using it at some stage today.

People hold a rare degree of hatred for those who are immune to their scolding

Dying Fetus - Wrong One to Fuck One(2017 - Technical Death Metal)
Amazing music first thing in the morning!


Dying Fetus - Wrong One to Fuck One(2017 - Technical Death Metal)
Amazing music first thing in the morning!


Managed to score 5g of Cherry Bomb weed from my local dealer. It is utterly superb! 😍 😵

Just installed Micro, a terminal-based text editor. It aims to be a successor to Nano and is incredibly easy to install, set-up, and start-using. Highly recommended! Different variants in the AUR for Arch users!

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