Listening to Neneh Cherry & The Thing (free-form jazz) covering Iggy & the Stooges 'Dirt' and Neneh Cherry makes Iggy Pop sound like a schoolboy. Her voice has so much resonance , almost a tactile-presence. This one has to be listened to! :D

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Moin! : )
Listening to Noise Collection Vol.1 by Combichrist. I'm not usually a fan of compilations but this is brilliant. Some really solid, industrial beats. Can't beat it with a cup of coffee and a cigarette in the morning. I've been told I can no longer smoke weed, so I'm getting used to life without it. It doesn't matter much to be honest as long as the quality of the beats are there! : D

Just listening to Combichrist do a cover of one of my all time favourite hardcore bands, the Dead Kennedy's 'California Über Alles'. As an ageing punk rocker I got to admit that it's a pretty decent cover, well worth a listen. πŸ˜†

It's 35°C here in Berlin but Green Tea and Johnny Cash make the day effortlessly bearable. ☺️

Re LibreWolf and anti-tracking: well, I can't say I think very much of LibreWolf's built-in anti-tracking. For example, I followed a link to a Canadian newspaper and my anti-tracking extensions, Ghostery (basic) and Disconnect identified and stopped a total of 16 & 21 trackers respectively. Privacy Badger identified 14 potential trackers. Now, I realise this is quite extreme for any site but it does show that LibreWolf either doesn't try or else does a piss-poor job of blocking trackers.

Browsing is quick, no option to sync with existing Firefox installs or to import bookmarks, which I found to be a little strange. I'll need to use it for awhile longer to form a definitive opinion but initial impression is good. If you're going to try it out, make sure you have a better computer than mine if you choose to compile. Although, there're numerous option on the website including AppImages and Flatpaks (neither of which I would chose to you), so stick to a binary if you can.

Well, I installed LibreWolf from the AUR, initially going for LibreWolf 79.01 which turned out to be a source code compilation. After 3.5hrs and all my RAM (8gigs) and most of my swap (6 out of 8gigs) being consumed), I stopped the compilation. My laptop is only a basic i5 and is simply not up to the job. So, I installed the binary. It's similar to Firefox, it claims to deal with all trackers but being paranoid I simply don't trust it and have installed a few extensions to make sure.

Has anyone hard of/tried Libre Fox? It's a fork of Firefox that focuses on privacy and security, e.g. adblock origin included, enhanced security and privacy conscious search providers. No telemetry, experiments or any other annoyances. It seems to be available for most distros as an AppImage or Flatpak or can be installed via packet manager for major distros i.e. Arch : ). So, I think I'm going to take it for a spin and see what it's like.

I deleted my twitter a/c after 12yrs on Twitter, weary of the abuse, bullying, threats etc. What started with so much potential has degenerated into a heavily politicised echo chamber. Sick of being mass-reported for nothing. It bores me. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my back/mind. If anyone remembers 80's hardcore legends Minor Threat, here's a very apt song to describe the twitter experience

Moin! I'm trying out using Webrender (details here -> ) with Firefox 79 and Firefox Nightly 81.0a1 . Simple instructions for activating are provided here (Ubuntu blog but info is relevant for Firefox across all distros, e.g. I'm using Arch and it's still totally relevant).

I just updated Firefox Nightly to 80.0a1 (2020-07-19) (64-bit) and Firefox are implementing HTTPS-Only Mode. I've always used the the extension HTTPS Everywhere, so it should be interesting to see how this works out.

Well fuck me pink and call me rosy!
Google was just slapped with a lawsuit that claims it tracks people on hundreds of thousands of apps even when they opt out

Well, they told me it wasn't possible but it is! After years of searching, I've finally found a decent, intuitive, desktop, ebook reader! Bookwork
--> is really simple, it's really intuitive and highly recommended. Check it out! πŸ‘ πŸ˜€

Combichrist - One Fire (2019) - I'd forgotten I had this album. Some truly excellent EBM with a hard edge. Just the way I like it!

I believe I've discovered ! A Southern U.S. genre with the major proponents being Cavity, who seriously rock! Eyehategod and Crowbar would be lesser examples of the genre. So, any of you fans, you know what to do! : D

Well I tried - it basically creates a local repo of all your AUR packages and also all your --devel packages. It will take as long as the amount of AUR & --devel packages you have to set the repo up. The controls are intuitive but I use only the very essential AUR & --devel packages so it's not of a great deal of use to me, but if you use a lot of AUR & --devel packages then this is for you. Very easy to set up, intuitive controls etc. Worth a look:

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