Quick question. On a windows machine I have 20 users. They all have the same apps and the same configuration in those apps. I know how to save all apps to public so they can be accessed but how do I make it so they are already configured. This could save me days of time. I understand I could image with WDS but I'm not wanting to do that with these. Thanks

Currently sitting in college orientation wondering how i am going to do school and my job at the same time :(

Good evening everyone. Can someone point me in the right direction of a how-to video so I can install the newest version on python? I am using Manjaro ARM

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Hello everyone. Sorry I was away for a while.

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Too often they fall into the trap of creating more Linux distributions. We don’t need more Linux distributions. Stop making Linux distributions, make applications instead.


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Some Steam keys:
Psychonauts: IFAJ7-EF89X-XYQWW
Tropico4: 3FX9W-VNY6W-J5YLE
Magicka: 3D0C8-ZB5MA-I32VB
Please RT as required.

Sucks guys.. I work in an environment that hates Linux. It's making it hard to continue my education in it. I don't know enough to argue my point so I end up just taking hits. We get pay raises for certs and I doubt ill get shit for letting my Linux +. Why do people insist on being limited by their OS? They love paying money for things they can just build themselves with Linux .... Rant over.

All this virus means for me is when I get the order to "work from home" I will be putting some serious hours into Doom eternal.

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Am I just crazy or am I picking up on the Linux movement going hand in hand with the craft beer movement?

Need help picking a device for my smart TV build.

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This is your irregular reminder that people who put reCAPTCHA on their websites are fucking assholes.

Friends don't let friends use reCAPTCHA.

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So my contract didn't get extended. Not enough funding.

Anyone need a technical writer (or know someone who wants to pay me a living wage with healthcare)?

thinking about using rock64 to make a smart TV.... this should be fun :)

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