Day is done! Empty focus list (GTD), empty inbox, no updates. 👍

The singer of Dool was apparently on TV. Reminded me to listen to their music again. So good!

Hadn't used Reddit for years. This week I created a new account so I can join r/Voidlinux. Reddit is actually useable nowadays! You know, now that they have an actual layout.

I've been having fun with the Xmonad and Qtile tiling window managers lately, but I found out that in Plasma, you can make Kwin a tiling wm as well with Bismuth. Nice!

Yesssss! October 21st! Persona 5 Royal comes to Xbox..... Game Pass ❤️
( P3P and P4G following next year )

Trying to keep healthy expectations while being really excited about the Xbox/Bethesda showcase.

My life is complete, I have a badge! I've always wanted a badge! 😏


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