@tilvids ah, I'm in the US, so that may explain at least some of my troubles. Thanks for reaching out. I look forward to a closer mirror at some point!

even work? I've been trying to watch videos on @tilvids (tilvids.com) all day and every video seems to download maybe the first 15 seconds of a 8-10 minute video before grinding to a halt. No matter how long I keep the page up, it never really progresses. Every video I try only has one peer and has the same behavior.

Am I doing something wrong? Will this not work right with qutebrowser? Do I need internet with better (currently 5Mbps) upload? Is the server just saturated?

@jc I was reading an article (by a sci Fi author) that had a section about Thatcher and it took me a few paragraphs to realize that, of course, Thatcher was the politician, not the author

@jalcine I'm curious - how much battery life are you getting generally?

I just, briefly, mixed up Margaret Thatcher and Margaret Atwood. Whoops.

@craigmaloney thanks for all the comics you post. You've reminded me how much I enjoyed them since I quit reading a paper newspaper. My life needs more than just xkcd.

@soapdog I've actually used Linux on my 2017 Microsoft surface and I generally like it. The battery life is good. (I don't have hard numbers but I'm sitting at 56% after using it for web surfing for ~5 hours so it could hit 11 hours. But I optimize for battery, keeping javascript off in my browser and running a pretty lightweight desktop environment. It's not perfect. The touchscreen is buggy and the webcam doesn't work.

But yeah, people complain too much. These Linux laptops look great.

I kind of wonder if we should start calling it Right to Repairable instead of Right to Repair. It's a product design issue, not an access to specialized tools and knowledge issue

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This is both ridiculous and fascinating. "Apple shipped me a 79-pound iPhone repair kit to fix a 1.1-ounce battery": theverge.com/2022/5/21/2307905

slower computers, please 

@thezerobitd@anticapitalist.party I've found my web browsing experience has sped up dramatically since I started turning off javascript in my browser by default and using front ends for common sites like youtube and twitter would force me to use it. I very occassionally toggle it on for a site or two, but a dramatic amount of the web I care about seems to work fine and more pleasantly without js.

@jalcine Lately, I've found that it helps to play with making things using only the standard library in a given language. Usually they are small enoguh to be comprehensible, stable in that you won't be submitting bug reports all the time, and bigger than you expect that it can be surprising given a relatively small amount of code. I've been doing this with Python mostly. YMMV with other languages.

@dgold I was into this for a while and likely will be again at some point. Back then I corresponded about it mostly on Reddit. Now I'm not sure what I'd do but I'd want a more open option than discord or reddit

@peterdrake Mostly I want folks who can communicate technical concepts well, work well with others, and have a couple small projects under their belt where they had autonomy in deciding what to build. The more you can prepare your students on those fronts the more likely I am to hire them. We can train up on any specific tech stack.

@peterdrake I'm a software engineer who plays a large role in recruiting for web developers and DevOps roles. I really don't want colleges to cover containerization or cloud infrastructure in a hands on way. Writing Dockerfiles and scripting aws are easy to train.

But knowing things like how the internet and the web work, what a load balancer is, etc from school is good. Basics OOP vocabulary often seem missing in our junior candidates.

@shoeberto good advice! thinking back, the times I strove to be more interesting it was because I was spending most of my time watching light TV shows and playing mainstream video games. But I more wanted to be more interesting to myself. Or perhaps just less bored

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