@jalcine Don't know if you follow @solene but they've got a lot of great NixOS articles at their blog. I haven't dived into NixOS yet but that'll be among my first stops when I do

Turning the pun back around 

@stevelord if you look both ways you might see something you like that you didn't expect ;)

@twizzay ah yeah, I've been there. If you're offering to pay for upgrades I doubt they'll resent it much. Especially if you frame it as a work need. Ethernet really does make a huge difference and I'm always unimpressed by the improvement of mesh wifi. Good luck. Hope it isn't too fraught

@twizzay if there are no other choices, you don't say anything and they probably know it sucks. If they could do better you say something like "you know, with a little bit of work you could make your online experience a lot better. I'd be happy to point you to some ideas that would help"

Silly joke then a real response 

@jalcine that said experience tells me that even when I'm frustrated with a language there's probably some technique or library I'm missing that would make things more joyful again.

Silly joke then a real response 

@jalcine Depends. Is the language Java? (Kidding, Java is okay)

Seriously though, I think if a language has some major weaknesses, those weaknesses can really start to grate after a while. For instance, I lost all love for PHP when I learned what kinds of mocking for unit tests you can do quickly in Ruby and Python. I still do php work but it feels like coding with an arm tied behind my back.

@brainwane @zacchiro sure. For my purposes just like url plus the readme from the main branch would catch 95% of my use cases and I wouldn't mind falling back to GitHub or the less comprehensive/open code search engines when I need to go deeper. Most of the time my question is "is there a tiny open source project that does this one very particular thing before I spend a day making it"? Web search doesn't work well for that, and GitHub search is [see original thread]

@zacchiro @brainwane holy moly. My brain went from "huh, I bet I could learn to make some kind of full text search work over 11 tb" to "nope that is well beyond my skills"

@brainwane Okay, it looks like the existing search on their site is limited to just urls and some limited metadata. Someone could conceivably download their data here: docs.softwareheritage.org/deve and use it to create a more robust search. But as the archive is 11 TB, this would be non-trivial.

@brainwane is there a way to do a full text search of the software heritage archive? I often use github.com/search when looking for projects, but would like to be able to search more widely that github. The search capability Software Heritage provides seems pretty lacking.

@rysiek I honestly thought this was a joke. To my horror, it is a real product.

@alilly As in, I automatically stand by and wait for the database to come back? Yup!

@neauoire neat! What file format(s) is your reader working with?

@erin Just read your post: erinbern.com/ttrpg-dislike-gm/

Have you seen any potentially good alternatives? I'd like to get into TTRPGs but every GM I've has either flaked (including me) or been a complete jerk to me or other players (particularly to women). The idea of story-building collaboratively sounds awesome but me early internet searches seem wanting

@csepp I still want to figure out a way to disable css in my browser by default and only enable it with a keyboard shortcut

@alilly @Johann150 regardless of the query optimizer, count(1) saves one whole shift press!


@craigmaloney interesting. I had that symptom prior to Covid (thanks to my cerebral palsy I think), but it got worse with Covid. Thought it was just me.

@alilly I'm not sure when we, as a society, decided that our lesiure time needed to be efficient or productive. I fully support doing things that are just there for the pure fun of it.

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