@Sandra (ack hit send unintentionally there) I have a similar system for sorting my button up shirts. When I hang up a shirt after laundry, I always put it in the leftmost side of my closet. This means that the shirts I never where are constantly shifted to the right. Every few years I donate the stuff I never wear save for a few things I keep for formal occasions should they come up. Love the idea of using such a system to organize other things

@Natris1979 This is good, filling it up for reading later, as I also have to sort out a lot of papers in my office 🤔

About shirts, though, it is funny that I do exactly the opposite. I put recently washed clothes on the rightmost side, and always take clothes from the leftmost side first to wear, forcing myself to wear different clothes from time to time and to use them up equally (I don't buy new stuff very often).

Maybe I should rethink that.

@caranha and here you had me thinking of trying your approach!

@Natris1979 I mean, it really depends on what you're trying to achieve.

The "stack" method you use seems great to identify stuff you can throw away;

The "queue" method I use seem great to reduce wear and tear and force variety;

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