even work? I've been trying to watch videos on @tilvids ( all day and every video seems to download maybe the first 15 seconds of a 8-10 minute video before grinding to a halt. No matter how long I keep the page up, it never really progresses. Every video I try only has one peer and has the same behavior.

Am I doing something wrong? Will this not work right with qutebrowser? Do I need internet with better (currently 5Mbps) upload? Is the server just saturated?

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@Natris1979 @tilvids

I have been able to watch videos before, but I know @atomicpoet says he has had problems.

@Natris1979 Which country are you trying to view from? We recently moved servers from Canada to Germany, and while it helped speed things up for the EU, it of course slowed things down for the NA region. Working on spinning up a second mirror instance hosted over in that part of the world, to see if it can help things out...

@tilvids ah, I'm in the US, so that may explain at least some of my troubles. Thanks for reaching out. I look forward to a closer mirror at some point!

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