does anyone have tips for browsing peertube? The intances I'm stumbling through seem to have an awful lot of racism and conspiracy junk that'd I'd like not to see.

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So I found this blocklist of sorts: but they don't seem to actualy list any peertube instances that use it.

@Natris1979 does peer tube have anything else? That's the reason I totally gave up on it.

@sotolf it is my hope that there's something! But maybe it's a lost cause.

@Natris1979 @sotolf There is rather cool instance @tilvids. They have mostly educational and tech stuff over there. You can check them out if it sounds alright for you.

@sotolf like @Niebylev already mentioned, tilvids is a great instance with high quality content.
The sad reality is that video platforms scale down horribly. On mastodon, you have a group of people you follow, you find interesting, and those that find you interesting follow you. There isn't a drive to get as many views as possible. Normal humans can't process that much data. Video's are different. You want as many viewers and therefore you go the the monolith called Youtube. 1/2

@sotolf Now, that means that content producers are discouraged form going away from Youtube. And when you can't go to youtube, is when you search for alternatives. And most of the time, you get banned off of Youtube for those things. Racism, conspiracy junk. But there is still hope, especially in tilvids I think. Also, the fact that many hate YT now could get more normal stuff onto Peertube. 2/2

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