@jzb I just read and I'm curious what you're replacing Spotify with. Back to CDs? Another streaming service?

I'm definitely in the "background music" category of listeners so I suspect I'd do fine just buying a couple new albums a year like I used to. But I've fallen victim to bundling: if I cancel Spotify I also lose my free Hulu

@Natris1979 @jzb Bandcamp looks like an option, but there aren't a lot of big names on it.

@rollin_rob @Natris1979 My tastes run to the obscure anyway, and I already own a lot of the mainstream stuff I'd want on CD... but that may not be the same for everybody!

@Natris1979 Mostly digitized music from ripped CDs / Bandcamp on Plex. Plexamp, it turns out, is a really decent player and suits my needs.

My CD collection is ~1500 CDs and I've bought something like 1,100 albums on Bandcamp. I also have YouTube Music to fall back on...

@Natris1979 @jzb Some radio stations do. But I like to listen to radio anyway. It's not like Spotify isn't loaded with commercials.

@StampedingLonghorn @jzb Spotify isn't loaded with commercials either if I'm paying for it :). I don't mind paying for an ad free experience. Just may not be Spotify I pay for that in the near future

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