@Sandra I've been thinking about setting up my own fediverse instance (pleroma, mastodon or something like that). I'd be the sole user, which I *think* is what you do. You mentioned in a post recently that moderation is a pain. Can you expand on that? How much work week to week do you put into moderation?

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Pleroma is dead as disco (and migrating from it is a 🐝 and a half, although I'm eyeing GoToSocial).

Moderation, I only spend around 90h a week or so but I also have had friends on this server who help me. I've had four other users on here, one noped out within two seconds after one look at Fediverse, the other two stayed on for two months, and one is still here after two years.

The biggest problem is "the global timeline". There's a lot of weird shit drifting by that I don't wanna host. If I ever get "maybe, later" out of the proverbial car seat and make a front end it's only gonna be home timeline (subscriptions) and single-user-timelines.

@Sandra It does seem like the global timeline would be problematic. And I don't even care about it. It's like firehose of irrelevant junk. The local timeline on my current instance was really appealing at first, but now that I have some people to follow I find it less useful.

For my own single user instance, I'd probably just figure out how to turn off the global thing.

@Natris1979 On Pl***ma I tried to turn it off which is why an error message pops up when people go to my timeline. It's frustrating how seemingly simple things are so difficult on Fedi.

@Sandra that does sound kinda awful. Kinda hoping to find some realy simple software that I can totally understand such that if it does something stupid like that I can just hack in a fix myself.

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