Business Insider: Sarah Lacy, the founder of Pando, is selling the blog, quitting journalism, and ditching Silicon Valley after 20 years because she is tired of being sexually harassed and threatened.

Did you know that with a #free Librem One account you get end-to-end encrypted chat, VoIP, and video calling used by millions of people #libremone #privacy #security #voip #slack #skype

"The Librem 5 is, arguably, the first smartphone available that focuses on privacy and security because it does not exploit nor track the user’s digital footprint. The Librem 5 features, hardware kill switches, layered security protection, decentralized and IP-native communication, user-controlled sourced code, and hardware encryption." #privacy #security #purism #librem5 #linux #smartphone

"The job of scientists is to evaluate evidence and seek truth. We have a social responsibility to do that as well. I hope that we scientists will never evade our social responsibility to seek and defend the truth out of fear that the press will misconstrue our search."

Firefox is bitchin' over these ads on Twitter. Understandable, but are you really putting privacy first yourself? Why does Firefox connect to so many hosts I never asked for? You're all hyppocrites out to exploit users for internet cash.

Yahoo Finance: Verizon taps blockchain technology to replace SIM cards.

I don't know how to feel about this...

@Moostafa332 That's a huge problem with the Free Software movement in general. People don't understand the difference, espeically when people use terms like FOSS, which while a nice blanket term, does equate the two when they're rather different ideologically. I really feel like rebranding is in order for the Free Software movement. Software Freedom movement, maybe?

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