What do you guys think is the best way to promote GNU/Linux? :amongustwerk:

I think we shouldn't promote it at all. Moreover, the harder Linux for a normie user, the better.
Imagine for a minute that Linux became the most popular desktop OS. Do you really want the invasion of proprietary shitmakers with all it entails?
So let's keep our little island of freedom safe from this shit, gatekeeping is our sole salvation.

@vikingkong @Mirk0dex They could also make Linux distros that require proprietary accounts. Look at SteamOS, Chrome OS, and even Ubuntu accounts. They might also have exclusive proprietary features that you don't have on other Linux distros, leaving them out. It could survive, but harder than it is now.

@james @vikingkong I personally think that Ubuntu can & will change for the better, as soon as Canonical realises how bad of an idea Snaps are. :gnulightened:

@james @vikingkong @Mirk0dex I'd say we could all benefit from better hardware support, but in worst case scenario we'd just get more binary blobs that only work with some old kernel 😢
I still chose the last option.

@m0xee @james @vikingkong welp, we could always fork the Linux kernel or just switch to Linux-libre if that happens

@Mirk0dex @m0xee @vikingkong In fact, Linux is adding Rust into the kernel, but Linux-libre said they won't. Guess it's time to switch soon.


Nice opinion, but unfortunately

Just kidding :troll:

When I see people using Macs and thinking their privacy is getting protected, I always end up laughing a bit. I just feel bad for people who really don't know what real computing freedom is, as they have never truly experienced it.


Proprietary trash has always been around, and its availability for GNU/Linux and other free OSes isn't necessarily a bad thing. In a free environment, the computer user should be able to choose between using a piece of software or being used by it.



If you don't wanna use non-free software on your PC, don't use it. I hate it, and thus, I don't use it. Nobody is forcing me to, and hopefully the same applies to you as well. But if you are being forced to use proprietary software, and still want to use a free OS, one of the things holding you back from using it might be the program's unavailability on your distro or OS of choice.


The more people and communities are free, the healthier our world gets. Everybody deserves the chance to switch to a BaSeD mindset and start using software that's actually good, and of course, free/open/libre/awesome.

@Mirk0dex The last option along with taking about the same cost as Windows Ultimate off the sticker price.



None of the above for me. I think having healthy discussions on social media and reviews of Linux distros and software online will be good enough. At the end of the day we shouldn't be forcing but educating and have to accept that not everyone will switch.

@PublicLewdness agreed. I'm still gonna force my friends to use GNU/Linux though, cuz they suck and don't deserve the right to choose an OS by themselves.

@Mirk0dex @PublicLewdness that is really dumb, just in my personal opinion. I used windows 11 as a friend of mine had a computer with it. I just let it explain itself. Multiple crashes while just trying to start rocket league (don't know if that's a Intel or windows thing). And overall was pretty slow.

@fbievan @PublicLewdness of course I was kidding, I'm never gonna impose my software usage choices onto anybody.

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I'm old enough to remember the ads by IBM promoting Linux. They were cringy even back then…

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