Someone do absolutely same thing by song, and shout to sing (me) and hear what one’s country is it. It was best thing to live because we have so different to know! But here is Japan. Sweetest time.

Yesterday I sang a little and talk my friends and it was so funny

I am at station and I’ll go back my house. And, I will be back

Now, I live in a house, but my mom says me maybe someday we moved house. I am imagining what happens to me.

BTW I want to improve my English. I want to get certificate in Japan. But I am so lazy lately, eat dried apricot every day and play chess. Awful. What happened it is like shed but my room? I have to clean.

I also want to try Pudding. It is cute to see and I didn’t choosing. If someday I can try… that’s amazing.

Sometimes I enjoy to buy food and tea to abroad. Or books. Almost UK. Book Depository and British Corner Store. I like Yorkshire Tea. It scent is great I think, than buying in Japan. I left half of it and sometimes I drink it.

I have Twitter Account but it wrote it out in Japanese. And I want to talk in English ( not better grammar ) and so I’m here. Lately I enjoy to talk here someone.

I am so full because I drink too much coffee. But it size was tall… (Starbucks)

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