Feel easy this language, feel not better that language. It’s makes me free to say, think, and learn. Feel good, but you can’t understand.

We didn’t meet several years, over 15 years, is makes us change to live. I am not your thing, I live what I like, is it not better? I was a kid and now I am adult. Sorry.

If someone special would be not your thought, like one’s hated or feels lose, what would one’s do? Someone special have to be much your thought? You lost, I am, I lost, you are happy?

I started HeadSpace and it is (I know) easy my mind :)))
But not better feeling :( What I need to do? Don’t care of it?

My mom says me I am drinking so much, and it is not good. Not alcohol, it is just water.

It was about chess, and especially it was a Endgame book. Now I wonder.

Someday I’ll laugh by boyfriend, I think. If it is not, I’m okey.

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