Hmm, is @protonmail reliable enough to use for a business email? Will I be able to receive emails from all other types of mail, as I will be using it as a contact point for clients if it works, as I would like at least some level of encryption for my business account, especially since I will be using it to talk about issues with clients' tech products since I will be doing IT support

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@LiziPancake @protonmail

Personally, having a free account, I'm not hot on it. Never had a problem with sending or receiving. I don't care for the UI. Slower than some. But no one person or entity has ever had a problem with my account. I doubt I will ever upgrade to paid.

From a professional standpoint, as one who was in the business, you want the domain name of your email address to be that of your business name. Register a web domain, get hosted, use the email address(es) provided.

@retiredguru @protonmail Alright, that's probably the best idea, I was just wondering, thank you!

@LiziPancake @protonmail

I'm guessing the annual price for a domain and hosting to be not much more (maybe less, depending on where you go) than a paid Protonmail email account. More bang for the buck.

Good luck!

@LiziPancake @protonmail Also remember that IMAP is not available and the IMAP bridge is only available for paid accounts. IMHO a lock-in is never worth it, especially for business accounts. I'd rather suggest to get an account with, as they offer support catch-alls your own domain.

@LiziPancake Thank you for your interest in ProtonMail! Our Professional plan is actually great for business use. It offers you the ability to add two custom domains (you get ten secure, professional email addresses that match your website domain name by default), create an organization, add users with separate mailboxes, use catch-all, and more. Additionally, messages on our servers are end-to-end encrypted between PM users, and are stored with zero-access encryption:

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