With Windows 7 reaching end of life, I wonder if I could convince my more tech-y teachers to swap to something like Linux Mint, rather than updating to Windows 10 :thonking:

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Would definitely improve working environments for the students.

It looks like a job for Zorin OS Educational Edition. Hope you'll succeed. Using Linux they will save a lot of money on licenses and will get more secure and stable system.

Best of luck.. May you succeed.
I havd noticed that when educational institutions use GNU/Linux it inspires others to use it too.
(Few months ago when I met a old friend, I was surprised when he was asking me how to install Linux Mint, he told me his institution was running it too and found it really cool.)

@LiziPancake If you can solve the MS Office needs issue by installing MS Office 2007 with Wine, they would gladly take Ubuntu or Mint.

You will need to take any other such software into account.

@hckingsama My highschool uses Google docs and such for everything, so it actually wouldn't even be a problem, and Libre-Office would be close enough for those who aren't happy with Google sevices.

@LiziPancake Good investigation. My point was that you should figure out any of these corporation software that could be an obstacle, because people cuss Linux distros when corporations like Adobe are at fault, and that is pure BS.


@hckingsama yeah, fortunately I've brought my old Lubuntu laptop to school before and showed it's ability to achieve all the required tasks, so they shouldn't really question me.

@LiziPancake I do not mean to be condescending, but you could experience rejection at the most unexpected piece of software or function. Old and/or normal people are trivial in behaviour. There is no fixed pattern as we geeks usually expect.

I don't expect anyone to actually listen to me to be honest, especially considering the three IT people at my school took twice as llong to do the same thing I did, with the added step of turning the PC off and back on, I only didt do that due to legal deniability (I don't wanna get sued for breaking school stuff if it didn't fix it)

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